"Shouts & Murmurs", directamente da New Yorker

O site da revista New Yorker coloca mais uma pérola à disposição dos leitores: um hilariante texto de Paul Simms sobre Alex Kerner, CEO e presidente vitalício da empresa imaginária Alex Kerner's Personal Life, Inc.
Transcrevo um pouco, mas aconselho vivamente a leitura integral: "Alex Kerner (C.E.O., C.O.O., chairman, and president of Alex Kerner’s Personal Life, Inc.) announced today a wide-ranging restructuring of his imaginary company’s upper management.
Tim Williams, a member of the company in varying capacities for five years, has been promoted to Best Friend, and he will report directly to Kerner in all friendship-related matters.
“Tim has proved himself to be a solid guy who’s always up for whatever,” Kerner says. “During the past five years, I’ve watched him excel in every position he’s occupied. From Mere Acquaintance to Periodic Dinner Companion (In Groups of Four or More People) to Frequent Midweek Business-Lunch Cohort, Tim has consistently shown himself to be just the kind of person we’re looking for in a Best Friend."

A ideia é engenhosa: gerir a nossa vida pessoal como se fosse uma empresa!
O restante aqui. Ilustração de Barry Blitt.

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