"My girlfriend joined the police without telling me. I didn't find out for two years, and then I came across a truncheon in the magazine rack. Confronted with this evidence she blushed, stammered and looked so pretty that I forgave her. She put on her uniform, and it was like falling in love all over again. I kissed her, and she kissed me. Together we walked into the bedroom. I began to undress. The moment I took down my underpants she arrested me for indecent exposure. She gave evidence against me in court, and I served six months. She didn't visit."

Este é um dos 101 contos de Dan Rhodes em Anthropology and a Hundred Other Stories, um livrinho delicioso de um autor que eu desconhecia mas que tem feito furor no Reino Unido.

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Delicioso é mesmo a palavra para a amostra que deixas!
Vou investigar.